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Property is something I have been intrigued by from the age of 8. I was born and bred in Mauritius up to the age of 13, when I moved to the UK. For a large part of my life, in Mauritius, I was brought up in poverty by a single dad who was out striving to earn for his 4 kids most of the day, every day. In these circumstances you either sink or swim and I chose to swim, dive and fly!!

From a young age I had wanted to take control of my future, destiny and earning potential. I would help the local carpenter, do laborer jobs for a local builder from the age of 9 (yes it may sound crazy in the UK!) I would help excavate the ground by hand, carry sand, macadam, rock-sand, concrete blocks, iron rods and mix concrete. I would get paid anything up to the equivalent of £1 for these jobs and sometimes I wouldn’t get paid at all but instead be fed a meal. I would save my money to buy things for cheap, refurb them and sell for a higher price. BB guns were my favourite refurbs as they sold quickly and for a good profit!

Anyway, fast forward to my life in the UK…….my love for property was re-ignited at the age of 16 when my single mother, who also worked day and night, flipped our home which me and my brothers had helped to renovate, for a very healthy profit. That’s when I decided that I wanted to work for myself in the future and it would be property related, I just didn’t know how I would make this happen.

A couple of years after finishing my A-levels I went to university to study Quantity Surveying. I was forced into this by my mother, who was fed up of me taking a break after my A-levels whilst working at the local cinema amongst other little buy & sell Ebay businesses. She did not want me to waste the opportunity of living and studying in the UK. University was not for me though and during my second year I decided to find a job.

In 2011 I got a job at a bank in a role which just so happened to be property related. An area I had never thought to explore, the financial side, mortgages! Starting in the role of a mortgage consultant. I also took opportunities to diversify my knowledge in the financial sector when they arose and touched on commercial lending and mortgage collections. This has allowed me to learn the mortgage process from the very first step, the foundation all the way to the final stages, the repossession side of the business.

During my time at the bank, my client service skills was something which could not be ignored and within 6 months I was promoted to manage a team of consultants and to be part of the team to train any new members of the team. This led to me being given the opportunity to partake in further training and funded education in order to boost my credentials and eventually to be promoted to a fully qualified mortgage advisor.

I worked my way up from there over the years, changed banks and continued to build on my experience to a become a senior mortgage advisor and reach mortgage underwriter level. To date I always carry the attitude of forever a student and I have always thrived to learn from the best in everything that I have had a genuine interest or passion for. This has always reflected in my work.

After years within a bank setting, I decided it was not challenging enough anymore and it was time for a new venture. I had accumulated knowledge in the mortgage process from the very foundation to the top level, including investing in and developing properties myself. Backed by these years of experience and my passion for the industry I decided to leave the bank in 2018 in order to take the leap and work for myself as an independent mortgage advisor. I felt I was fully equipped and had everything in my arsenal required to take on this challenge which to date is a decision I have absolutely loved!

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